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Welcome to Sundials Australia! We design and manufacture quality sundials of every type, personalised for you and accurate for your location anywhere in Australia or around the world. Sundial varieties include horizontal, vertical, reclining, declining, stained glass window, equatorial, armillary sphere, analemmatic, polar, pillar, memorial and so on. We offer a repair service for sundials which may have been damaged by age or neglect.


We have produced a comprehensive book on sundial theory and practice, the the first book about sundials written from a Southern Hemisphere perspective.


We have also produced replicas of ancient navigation instruments used in expeditions reliving early voyages of discovery and sun compasses for regions where conventional compasses are not suitable.


In addition, we design and produce personalised bronze plaques for any occasion.


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Sundials have been used by mankind since ancient times. 

In 3000 BC, long before the mechanical clock was invented, they were used to show the seasons as a management tool to tell farmers when to sow their crops. In more modern times, sundials have been used as decorative focal points or as symbols of remembrance.  They can be found in the gardens of stately homes, castles and palaces around the world.
Sundials Australia was formed in 1977 by Margaret Folkard and John Ward, two physicists from Adelaide, South Australia.


Each of our sundials is superbly crafted from the finest corrosion resistant materials and is individually computed for your precise latitude, longitude and time zone.

armillary sphere sundial
vertical sundial

Vertical Wall Sundial in Adelaide

Working media include bronze, stone, enamelled metal plates, stainless steel, painted marine plywood, bronze plaques inlaid with fused enamel, stained glass and mosaic tiles.
Design proposals can be rapidly drawn and submitted to you for comment and approval. Family names, emblems, coats of arms, drawings of animals, flowers, herbs etc, favourite quotations and memorial inscriptions can be included as required. Date curves along which the shadow cast by a nodus post falls on specific dates can also be incorporated.


All our sundials are individually computed for your exact location and are fully corrected for the equation of time and the longitude difference between the sundial’s location and the longitude of your time zone.

In this age of mass production, SUNDIALS AUSTRALIA creates exclusive, hand-crafted sundials of many different types with individual character and enduring quality.


Our sundials are ideal as family heirlooms.

human analemmatic sundial

Central Analemma on the Human Sundial at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan

(Photo credit: Jaime Plaza, Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust)

Armillary Sphere sundial with personalised baseplate