horizontal sundial photos

Six horizontal sundials cast in gunmetal bronze, one etched into brass, one etched into stainless steel

Horizontal Sundials are most commonly circular, octagonal or square but can be made any shape and size to suit your wishes. They are individually designed for any location in Australia or overseas.


Subject to available space, family or club crests and your favourite quotation, together with your own name, special dates and precise location can be incorporated into the dialplate design as required.


Our horizontal sundials are normally cast in gunmetal bronze with high relief lines, words, numbers etc but can also be etched in brass or stainless steel, or carved into stone.

gnomon is the part of a sundial which casts its shadow onto the dialplate surface to indicate the time.  

The angle of the gnomon is determined by the sundial’s latitude. The gnomon can be plain with an attractive sand-blasted finish, can include a sunflame pattern or can feature an elaborate filigree design based on a classical English garden sundial. It can also incorporate very specific features which have significance to the owner, and some such features are shown below. Unless requested otherwise, our sundials are supplied with a plain gnomon. Sunflame and filigree gnomons may not be available for all requested latitudes.


For intricate dialplate designs such as those featuring a coat-of-arms or crest, we suggest a plain gnomon so that it does not take attention away from the dialplate.

sundial gnomons

Examples of personalised gnomons

When a nodus post  is attached to a sundial, it becomes possible to indicate the date from the position of the end point of the nodus shadow as well as telling the time from the shadow cast by the edge of the gnomon.

date-telling horizontal sundials

Horizontal sundials each with a nodus post and specific date lines

The page Horizontal Examples shows some previous designs which may give you ideas for your own personalised sundial. We recommend that you look through these examples  before you place an order.

Prices depend on dialplate material, size and choice of gnomon and nodus.