Most of our plaques are produced with personalised Time Correction /Dedication messages to accompany our sundials. (Note that horizontal sundials do not require a separate plaque).


However, we can design and produce plaques for any occasion. Substrates include cast bronze and engraved stone or stainless steel. 

bronze plaque designs
bronze plaque time correction

A selection of sundial time correction plaque designs.

curved bronze plaque
bronze plaque patina

Bronze plaques can be supplied with a sand-blasted surface and allowed to develop their patina naturally, or can be chemically treated to give an 'instant aged' appearance.

Plaques are not limited to straight edges. Plaques (and sundials) can be made in whatever shape you desire, including being shaped for mounting upon irregularly shaped pedestals such as shown below

shaped bronze plaque

Instruction plate for the Human sundial at Kingston South East, SA

shaped bronze plaque

Instruction plate for the Human sundial at Mount Annan, NSW

shaped bronze sundial

Horizontal sundial which accompanies the Human sundial at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, NSW 

memorial bronze plaques
memorial bronze plaques

Examples of commemorative plaques.

large bronze commemorative plaques

Reproductions of the original large commemorative plates on the Centenary Gates at Walkerville Memorial Garden, Adelaide SA

Contact us to discuss your own requirements for a plaque.


Prices depend on size and substrate material.