The Globe of the World and two sundials were presented by the Rotary Club of Whyalla to celebrate the cultural diversity and harmony between the 39 different nationalities who live in Whyalla, a steel producing town in South Australia. The Equatorial Plate sundial and Noon Mark meridian are discussed on other pages of this site.


Industrial reinforcing rod produced in Whyalla was rolled into circles to represent 12 longitude lines and 5 parallels of latitude (the equator, the tropics and the polar circles). A supporting base cut with a laser from steel plate was attached to the central support rod which acts as the axis of rotation of the Earth. The whole structure was galvanized to enhance its longevity.


World countries and continents were cut by water jet from a stainless steel sheet. The 2-dimensional objects were then curved into 3-dimensional shapes and welded on to the globe skeleton prior to installation on the foreshore at Whyalla.

large steel world globe

Families enjoying the Globe in the waterfront park at Whyalla

welding world globe
large steel world globe

The Globe outside Sundials Australia workshop before transport to Whyalla

Welding Arctic Circle ring onto the

longitude rings